Quick Facts About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular plugin for the WordPress platform, which is open source, fully dynamic, and enables people to create their very own ecommerce stores on the platform. WooCommerce was founded by Adii Pienaar, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester in 2008 and then launched in 2011.

WooCommerce is huge and now controls around 28% of the internet’s ecommerce market, so you can begin to see just how powerful it is and how it revolutionized WordPress on the whole. WooCommerce is credited with turning WordPress into a powerful ecommerce solution which is no longer just a blogging platform. With WordPress and some proper hosting, you can now create a website, blog and store all in one place.

If you are an online business, the chances are that your website is powered by WordPress using WooCommerce for the store’s core functionality.

WooCommerce was created in 2008 and then released in 2011 by its three founders. Before WooCommerce came along, WordPress was a rudimentary blogging platform which totally transformed WordPress into a major ecommerce hub.

Today, WooCommerce is estimated to be powering well over 400,000 online stores! So, whether you are a new brand selling a physical product, a magazine selling an online subscription, or a hotel taking bookings, you can do all of this and more by utilizing WooCommerce for your business, through a WordPress website.

It is a truly revolutionary plugin which keeps growing and being developed.

Want to learn more about WooCommerce? Check out our infographic below, which is full of interesting facts and figures.

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Application developer, movie buff, occasional reader and a huge Manchester United fan.

Application developer, movie buff, occasional reader and a huge Manchester United fan.